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Government Affairs

Chamber Political Perspective and Positions 
African American Chamber of Commerce
Statement of Political Perspective

The African American Chamber has a fundamental obligation to identify and advocate for those issues that are consistent with our mission and that are in the best interests of our members and business community.  We will take a clear and visible stand on these issues, even when doing so may be unpopular.

The power we have as an organization derives from the effectiveness with which we serve those we commission to lead.  By being consistent and loyal in serving our members and our community, we will enhance our ability to create economic prosperity.
We have a fundamental obligation to identify and advocate for those issues that are consistent with our mission and that are in the best interests of our members and business community.  We will take a clear and visible stand on these issues, even when doing so may be unpopular.
We believe greater wisdom, commitment, and determination are achieved through cooperative interaction and deliberation.  We will consistently look for opportunities to reason together in making decisions and fulfilling our mission.
We accept leadership obligations to question the present state, to envision a future as it can and should be, to create and communicate plans to achieve that future, and to inspire our members and our communities to take those actions necessary to achieve the desired results.
What we do will be a consistent and accurate reflection of the things we say.  We will keep our commitments.  We will be up-front with our agendas.  We will deal in a forthright manner in all relationships, whether we agree or disagree on the issues under consideration. 
We are committed to the diverse richness of people – our members and the community in which we live.  We will be strengthened as an organization by the extent to which we welcome and effectively represent the depth, breadth, and fullness of their ideas.
We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is healthy in all respects – mentally, physically, economically, educationally, and politically.  We will model and encourage others to follow a commitment for work-life balance.
In relations with our members, the community, governing bodies, and other business and civic organizations, we will conduct our affairs in the fullest expression of openness, trust and a genuine commitment to mutual satisfaction and success.
We are accountable to our members and the community at large to be responsible and responsive to interests and issues, which affect the entire community.  We are primarily a membership organization of businesses and business people, but believe strongly that our success depends on the success of all sectors of our community.
The Chamber supports the city’s aim to improve performance incentives, efficiency, and the quality of services provided by city government.  Further, we believe that this must be accomplished within the framework of government services that are affordable by the taxpayers of the city – both residential and business.  The Chamber stands ready to work with City Officials to find and achieve these goals.
The Chamber strongly encourages the City of Cincinnati to streamline the development process and provide accountability within that process for all parties.
Business Growth & Prosperity
The Chamber understands that a vital, supportive business environment is critical to the health, welfare, and growth of the community and our members.  Moreover, the Chamber strives to help formulate and implement governmental attitudes and policies that assist, foster, and encourage the growth of existing businesses and the attraction of new businesses to the area.
Downtown Revitalization
The Chamber strongly supports the development of the Banks, The Horseshow Casino, and Washington Park as they continue to prove to be feasible; however, we maintain a neutral position on the Streetcar.
The Chamber strongly supports appropriate efforts to strengthen the public schools in their endeavor to prepare the city’s children to be productive citizens and workers in the future years.  We further believe that public education benefits from the active involvement of all stakeholders – parents, teachers, students, businesses and others.  Education must be responsive to the need for all students to achieve at their potential and relevant to career development for all students.
The Chamber strongly supports 2011 Hamilton County Health and Hospitalization Levy.  Proceeds from the levy provide critical healthcare services to uninsured and under-insured children and adults in Hamilton County.
The Chamber strongly supports responsible use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) as a major stimulus for the development of the urban core.  The Chamber encourages all taxing bodies to work together to create the most efficient delivery of services while remaining competitive with other cities nationally.  Further, the Chamber urges all units of government to balance carefully the need for revenues with the impact of increased taxes on business growth and prosperity.
Transportation and Infrastructure Maintenance
The Chamber supports the development and maintenance of a healthy transportation system to move goods and people.  The Chamber strongly supports the use of designated transportation funds at any level of government for the intended purpose.  The Chamber strongly supports the ongoing maintenance of existing critical infrastructure whether that is roads, sewers, sidewalks or other critical parts of the infrastructure that support the residents and businesses within a community.  The Chamber remains neutral on Issue 48.
State Issues
The Chamber works each year with the Cincinnati Regional Chamber and other local chambers throughout the state on a specific legislative agenda that will strengthen the business climate in Ohio.
Government Collaboration and Consolidation            
The Chamber strongly supports units of government working together to achieve economies of scale and/or increased efficiencies and effectiveness of service delivery.
Free Trade
The Chamber strongly supports free and open trade between countries.
Election Involvement
The Chamber strongly supports the involvement of the business community in the electoral process.  To that end, the Chamber is in support of a Political Action Committee (PAC) that will actively work to elect the best possible positive representation to local units of government.  The PAC will support candidates who support issues of importance to the African American business community.  Further, the Chamber will encourage employees in member companies to get actively involved in the political process by working for candidates, contributing to candidates and voting in elections.
Political Action
The Chamber will actively engage in the political process as a representative of the business community to improve the overall business climate.  That will manifest itself through positions on specific pieces of legislation or ordinances; get out the vote efforts, support for critical projects or candidates, and other issues as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.
Accountability of Elected Officials
The Chamber will expect accountability in all public elected officials.  They must be honest, respectful, and forthright in their dealings with each other and with the public.  They will fully disclose any conflicts of interest.

You can find more information on all upcoming elections at the League of Women Voters website.